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I entered CPE at RC Freedom Ministries to explore a career in Professional Chaplaincy. I had not attended Seminary, therefore I was not an ordained clergy. In the beginning I felt like an imposter as I offered devotionals and ministry papers. However, my ordained clergy peer group would affirm my work and encourage me to press forward. By Unit 4, I felt confident in my ministry as I debated theology with my peer group and offered pastoral care at my Clinical Site. I grew and flourished under Carolyn Barksdale's leadership and instruction. I am now a certified ministry candidate in the United Methodist Church. I truly feel God lead me to RC Freedom Ministries to enable me to grow and develop my unique ministry skills to best serve His precious living human documents. 


Larissa Hallford

My four units of CPE with RC Freedom Ministries was life and ministry transforming for me. I began as a person who didn't "own" who I am with many people. Through being challenged by CPE Supervisors Carolyn Barksdale and Leo Blanchard as well as my unit colleagues, I embraced the action-reflection-action model of learning. This process allowed the Lord to peel away my "onion layers," and for me to become more self-aware and to own who I am and who I am growing into being as a man and as a pastoral caregiver. The adventure continues! I am grateful for my experience of CPE through RC Freedom Ministries and for the life-long friends I've made. As a continuing result I'm seeing God do many wonderful things in my encounters as I engage with my colleagues, my patients and my community.


Ch Jeff Turkot, BCC


"If you are considering CPE, let me recommend R.C. Freedom Ministries, Inc. and Carolyn Barksdale. I found a caring ministry organization, who would allow me to do my clinical hours through my current employment, give me the opportunity to do most of my classroom time in my home via a WebEx format, and who was deeply spiritual in its approach to CPE."

Chaplain Lester Fatheree

"CPE has helped me to remove my prejudice attitudes and judgmental mentality, enabling me to minister to patients, their families, and hospital staff members from various backgrounds and religious affiliations."

Rev. Joe Stephens, M-Div.

My experience at RCFM was life-transforming.  Their extended CPE courses were professionally executed, thorough and powerful.  I found their programs (in-house and on-line) to be of high quality.  Each unit (4 units completed) gave me a sense of direction, strength of mind, and confidence. Small group participation allowed me to connect and interact with different traditions, genders, ethnicities, and ages.  CPE here allowed me the space and the affirmation to explore my call to ministry, not just chaplaincy. I am delighted to say that RCFM became the KEY place that gave me the tools to grow my “self” and my ministry.


Rev. Michael G. Moore, BCM, M.Div.


"R. C. Freedom provides the best CPE experience in South Texas due to its independence and due to the quality of guidance provided in their program. I personally have benefited from the four units I attended and graduated. If not for this training I could not have been blessed as I have to serve in hospice ministry for the past ten years. I cannot count the blessings this has placed in my life."

Chaplain Douglas Gillaspy

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