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"I am grateful and thankful to my Lord and Father God for arranging the platform of my entire four unit R.C. Freedom Ministries CPE experience; for bringing my chaplain colleague Fr. Chuck Henkle into my life who initially encouraged me to pursue CPE; for Carolyn and Leo who became my supervisors and whom God used to bring a heightened sense of self-awareness by gently peeling off the layers of my 'self"; for the resulting integrity and effectiveness in life and ministry that is now powerful and ongoing; for the honesty and heart-felt give and take of my group peers throughout the processes. One word that captures my R.C. Freedom CPE experience is 'transformation' or 'metamorphosis'  - I am a changed man, I am continuing to change and grow as I walk into that future story of ministry and life God has prepared for me; now equipped with the skill set and self-awareness gained through my R.C. Freedom Ministries CPE experience." 


Rev. Jeff Turkot


“As a pastor with 35+ years of active ministry, I felt I had a pretty good handle on the needs of people and their families under most situations.  As I stepped away from my long time pastorate, I wanted to expand into either palliative or hospice type care.  I realized CPE would be the route so through a long process I found R.C. Freedom Ministries.  During my supervisory interview and orientation, I knew I was in for an awakening.  If I was going to receive this training, I was going to be the best student I could be.  My CPE ministry statement became “I moved from a fixer to a listener”.  Through CPE, I realized I didn’t have to fix people but was able to hear, really hear, their story.   On the training side, I was able to forge incredible friendships with supervisors, other ministers and pastors.  AT R.C. Freedom Ministries, it was an intense 20 weeks but I can absolutely say that I am a better minister and pastor because of their expertise and training.  Thank you.”


Rev. Thomas Faulk Sr.


“The whole learning process executed through the curriculum content taught by our Supervisor, Rev. Carolyn Barksdale, has been so refreshingly informative, relevant, on target and effective.   A real blessing to us, her professionalism, superb guidance, encouragement, leadership and mentorship made this group journey a pleasant and exceptional learning experience. I can truly say I have become a better and more competent pastoral caregiver. My profound gratitude to her and my peers!”


Fr. Elbert A. Fadallan

Testimonials Continued

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